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Pahuja Law Academy (PLA) is a popular coaching center that helps students prepare for law entrance exams and judiciary exams. They offer different courses for exams like CLAT, AILET, DU LLB, and state judiciary exams. PLA provides study materials, test series, and classroom programs to help students do well in their exams.

The academy’s online coaching is all about quality education. It offers live classes, recorded sessions, online tests, study materials, and even a WhatsApp service for clearing doubts. This approach ensures that students get a lot of benefits and support in their studies.

Pahuja Law Academy also encourages a collaborative learning environment. Its online programs create a space where students and professionals can exchange knowledge and ideas, which helps develop forward-thinking in the legal community.


What Pahuja Law Academy offers

Study Material: Our study material is complete and up-to-date, designed for each exam. It includes past question papers and practice sets to help students get familiar with the exam format.

Test Series: We provide regular mock tests for major law entrance and judiciary exams. Each test includes detailed feedback to help students understand their performance and improve.

Classroom Programs: Our classroom programs offer regular courses with in-depth sessions on all topics. We also have crash courses, which are short and intensive, focusing on quick revision and practice.

Online Learning: Students can access online lectures, study materials, and test series. This flexible option is great for those who can’t attend regular classes, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

Doubt Clearing Sessions: We hold regular sessions to answer students’ questions and clear their doubts. These sessions provide personalized help, making sure students fully understand the material.


Courses Offered by Pahuja Law Academy


Law Entrance Exams:

CLAT (Common Law Admission Test): Prepares students for the national entrance exam for undergraduate and postgraduate law programs.

AILET (All India Law Entrance Test): Helps students get ready for the entrance exam to join the National Law University in Delhi.

DU LLB: Offers coaching for the University of Delhi’s LLB entrance exam.

LSAT (Law School Admission Test): Prepares students for a standardized test that measures reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and verbal reasoning skills.

Judiciary Exams:

Provides coaching for state judiciary exams such as Delhi Judicial Services, Haryana Judicial Services, UP Judicial Services, and others.


Faculty of Pahuja law Academy

Rajesh Pahuja: He is the Founder and Chief Mentor of our institute. With over 15 years of experience, he is an expert in Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, and core judiciary exam subjects. His extensive knowledge and teaching skills make him highly respected in law exam coaching.

Gopal Sharma: He is a Senior Faculty member specializing in Civil Law, Contract Law, and Tort Law. He has a lot of experience teaching and mentoring students for judiciary exams and law entrance tests. His clear explanations help many students succeed.

Neha Agarwal: She is a Faculty Member specializing in Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, and Jurisprudence. She is known for her deep understanding of legal concepts and effective teaching methods, making her a key part of our team.

Amit Kumar: He is a Faculty Member who focuses on Criminal Law, the Indian Penal Code (IPC), and the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC). His practical teaching style emphasizes the real-world application of legal principles, helping students understand and prepare for their exams.


Fees Structure of Pahuja law Academy

The fees for various courses at Pahuja Law Academy are structured as follows:

Course Description Medium Fees Duration
Judiciary Coaching Program – Offline English ₹1,90,000 14 months
Judiciary Coaching Program – Online English ₹1,60,000 14 months
Judiciary Coaching Program – Offline Hindi ₹1,40,000 14 months
Judiciary Coaching Program – Online Hindi ₹1,20,000 14 months
Online Programs: Live Classes + Recorded Lectures English ₹1,40,000 14 months
Online Programs: Recorded Lectures English ₹1,10,000 14 months
Additional Courses: CLAT Offline + Online ₹80,000 1 year
Additional Courses: DU LLB Online + Offline Course ₹75,000 1 year
Additional Courses: DU LLB Online + Offline Course ₹65,000 6 months
Additional Courses: DU LLB Live Online Crash Course ₹40,000 Variable duration

Study Material

Pahuja Law Academy offers a complete study package designed to prepare students thoroughly for judiciary and law entrance exams. The materials include:

Comprehensive Content: Detailed study material that covers all topics relevant to the exams.

Practice Sets: Exercises and practice questions to help students apply their knowledge.

Previous Years Papers: Access to past exam papers for practice and familiarization.

Current Affairs Updates: Updates on current events relevant to the exams.

Legal Reasoning Resources: Resources specifically tailored for improving legal reasoning skills.


Past Results


Pahuja Law Academy dominates law entrance exam prep. Their secret? Results. Year after year, countless students conquer their goals with Pahuja Law Academy’s guidance. Check their website – success stories abound! From CLAT to Judicial Services, Pahuja Law Academy delivers.


Contact Details

Here are the contact details for Pahuja law Academy:

Phone: +91-9821593226, +91-9821593227


Address: Virat Bhawan, 212, D-1, 2nd Floor, Mukherjee Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110009



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