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Narayana Group, Founded by Dr. P. Narayana in 1979, the Narayana Educational Group began its journey with NARAYANA COACHING CENTRE, initially serving just seven students. However, fueled by Dr. Narayana’s unwavering commitment to quality education, the group rapidly expanded.

At the heart of Narayana’s mission lies a focus on competitive exam coaching. Their comprehensive programs are meticulously designed to prepare students for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) – a critical examination for aspiring medical professionals.

Beyond academic success, Narayana aims to empower students to reach their full potential. With a dedicated team of over 50,000 experienced educators and staff, they provide personalized attention to more than 600,000 students annually.


What Narayana Group offers

    Engineering Courses:

  • Two-year Regular Integrated Classroom Programme: Designed for IIT-JEE Main & Advanced preparation.
  • Narayana’s Apex/Spark Integrated Programme: Tailored for IIT-JEE Main & Advanced aspirants.
  • NEET Courses:

  • One-Year NEET Dropper/Repeater Classroom Programme: Ideal for NEET aspirants aiming to improve their scores.
  • Two-year Integrated Classroom Programme: Comprehensive NEET preparation.
  • Foundation Courses:

  • Three-year Foundation Course: Three-year Foundation Course: Lays a strong foundation for competitive exams.
  • One-year Foundation Course: Intensive preparation for foundational concepts.

Courses Offered by Narayana Group

Narayana Group offers a wide array of courses tailored to meet the diverse academic needs and career aspirations of students.

  • NEET UG Coaching: Our NEET UG coaching program is designed to prepare students for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), the gateway to undergraduate medical and dental courses in India. Through rigorous curriculum, expert faculty guidance, and comprehensive study materials, we ensure that students are well-equipped to ace the exam.
  • NEET PG Coaching: For students aspiring to pursue postgraduate medical education in India, we offer NEET PG coaching. This program prepares students for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Postgraduate (NEET PG), helping them secure admission to prestigious medical colleges for their specialized studies.
  • Foundation Courses: We offer foundation courses for students starting from an early age, aiming to lay a strong academic groundwork and foster a love for learning. These courses provide a solid foundation in subjects like mathematics, science, and language arts, preparing students for future academic pursuits.
  • Engineering Entrance Coaching: In addition to medical entrance exams, we also offer coaching for engineering entrance exams such as JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Our structured coaching programs focus on developing students' problem-solving skills and conceptual understanding in physics, chemistry, and mathematics.
  • Olympiad Preparation: Narayana Institute provides specialized coaching for various Olympiad exams, including Mathematics Olympiad, Science Olympiad, and English Olympiad. These programs aim to nurture students' talent in specific subjects and prepare them for competitive examinations at the national and international levels.
  • Competitive Exams Coaching: Apart from medical and engineering entrance exams, we offer coaching for a range of other competitive exams, including AIIMS, JIPMER, KVPY, NTSE, and various state-level entrance tests. Our goal is to support students in achieving success in their chosen academic and career paths.

Faculty of Narayana Group

  • Dr. Ramesh Kumar: With a Ph.D. in Biology and over 15 years of teaching experience, Dr. Kumar specializes in NEET UG coaching. His passion for biology and his ability to simplify complex concepts make him a favorite among students.
  • Prof. Priya Sharma: As a seasoned educator with a Master's in Chemistry, Prof. Sharma leads our NEET PG coaching program.
  • Mr. Rajesh Singh: With a background in Mathematics and Engineering, Mr. Singh heads our Engineering Entrance Coaching division.
  • Ms. Ananya Desai: An alumnus of Narayana Institute herself, Ms. Desai is passionate about guiding students through Foundation Courses.
  • Dr. Sunil Patel: A renowned expert in Olympiad preparation, Dr. Patel holds a Ph.D. in Physics and has authored several books on the subject.

Fee Structure of Narayana Group

Narayana Group fees vary based on courses and region, including registration, admission, tuition and exam fees.

Courses Duration Fee
NEET Coaching for Class XI - Regular 2 YEAR Rs. 1,59,999
NEET Coaching for Class XII - Regular 1 YEAR Rs. 82,999
NEET Coaching for Droppers & Repeaters - Regular 1 Years Rs. 99,999
NEET Coaching for Class XI - Online 2 YEAR Rs. 1,59,999
NEET Coaching for Droppers & Repeaters - Online 1 YEAR Rs. 99,999
JEE (Main + Advanced) Coaching for Class XI - Regular 2 Year Rs. 4,68,000
JEE Coaching for Class XII - Online 1 YEAR Rs. 82,999
JEE coaching for Class XII Pass - Online 1 YEAR Rs. 95,999

Narayana Group offers a specialized coaching program for the JEE and NEET. For detailed information on the NEET course fee structure, I recommend visiting their official website or directly contacting them.


Study Material Provided by Narayana Group

Narayana Group offers a comprehensive range of study materials and programs designed to help students excel in various competitive exams, such as IIT-JEE, NEET, and other entrance exams.

  • Micro Schedules and Test Planners: These are designed to help students plan their studies efficiently, ensuring they cover all topics systematically and within a stipulated timeframe.
  • Assignments and Practice Tests: The study material includes numerous assignments covering various sub-topics, along with practice tests to enhance speed and accuracy.
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions: Regular sessions are conducted to clear any doubts students may have, ensuring they have a strong understanding of the concepts.
  • Comprehensive Study Modules: The study material is meticulously researched and covers the entire syllabus of competitive exams like IIT-JEE and NEET. It includes detailed theory, solved examples, and practice questions to reinforce learning.

Past Result of Narayana Group

IIT-JEE Results

In 2023, Narayana students secured impressive ranks in the IIT-JEE Advanced exam. Four students achieved top 15 ranks in the open category, with Balaaji Reddy N securing AIR 9, Ujwal L Shankar AIR 11, Yuvraj Amit Gupta AIR 13, and Chaitanya Maheshwari AIR 15. Additionally, Naga Bhavya Sree topped the female category with AIR 1 (56 in open category). Overall, 18 students were in the top 50, and 29 in the top 100 ranks

NEET Results

In NEET UG 2022, Narayana students also showed outstanding performance. They achieved several top ranks, including AIR 18, 27, 36, 53, 62, 75, and 89. A total of eight students were in the top 100, demonstrating their dominance in the medical entrance exam as well


Contact Details

  • Phone: 9650803411
  • Address: Building No-1, Opp metro Building pillar No. 148, Arihant Nagar, West Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi 110026
  • Phone: 9650595922
  • Email:
  • Website:

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