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Insight Delhi

INSIGHT DELHI, has become a prominent name in coaching for competitive exams in India. Founded by Shri S. Baliyan, a renowned faculty member and expert in History and Art & Culture, INSIGHT DELHI is known for its exceptional guidance and mentorship.

INSIGHT DELHI goes beyond rote learning, offering a well-rounded approach to education. Their philosophy centers on building a strong foundation through concept-based classes and fostering regular interaction with mentors. Additionally, seminars and lectures by senior civil servants and UPSC veterans keep students motivated and grounded in the ethics of Indian Civil Services.

Recognizing the evolving nature of competitive exams, INSIGHT DELHI emphasizes regular practice tests. They understand the importance of answer-writing skills for success in the UPSC Mains exams and encourage students to hone their writing through frequent practice.

Whether you aspire for UPSC Civil Services, CUET, NEET, or UGC-NET success, INSIGHT DELHI offers a comprehensive and results-oriented learning experience, designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in your chosen competitive exam.


What Insight Delhi offers

what insight delhi offer

  • UPSC Coaching: They provide comprehensive classroom coaching programs specifically designed for the UPSC exams, including the General Studies (GS) preliminary and main stages. Their expertise extends to a popular optional subject, History Optional.
  • Course Material: Insight Delhi provides their students with a set of course materials that includes study guides, handouts, and other resources relevant to the UPSC syllabus.
  • Test Series: Insight Delhi is known for its comprehensive test series that simulates the actual exam format and helps students assess their preparation level.
  • Experienced Faculty: They have a team of experienced instructors who are well-versed in the UPSC syllabus and exam format.
  • Mentorship: In addition to classroom instruction, they might provide mentorship programs to guide students throughout their UPSC preparation journey.
  • Online Resources: They offer online resources such as video lectures, study materials, and discussion forums to supplement their classroom coaching.
  • Online and Offline Classes: They offer both online and in-person coaching programs to cater to different learning styles.
  • Answer Writing Practice: They provide Coaching to improve answer writing skills, which is crucial for success in the UPSC mains exam.

Courses offered by Insight Delhi

  • General Studies (Foundation Course): A comprehensive course covering all aspects of the UPSC syllabus.
  • History Optional Test Series: Specialized test series for those choosing history as their optional subject.
  • GS Mains Test Series: Test series focused on the General Studies papers for the Mains exam.
  • GS Paper-IV Module (Ethics, Integrity, & Aptitude): A module dedicated to preparing for the Ethics paper in the Mains exam.
  • Prelims Test Series: A series of tests designed to prepare students for the Preliminary examination.
  • Art & Culture Module: Focused study on art and cultural topics relevant to the UPSC syllabus.
  • Geography Module for Prelims: Specialized module for geography to aid in Prelims preparation.
  • Current Affairs for Prelims and Mains: Updated materials and guidance on current affairs.

Faculty of Insight Delhi

faculty of insight delhi

Shri S. Baliyan is the founder and director of Insight IAS Academy and a renowned faculty member himself. He's known for his expertise in History & Art and Culture, and his guidance is credited with the success of numerous IAS toppers. It's likely his presence plays a significant role at Insight Delhi as well.

Insight Delhi's teachers are highly experienced. They're experts in their subjects and have helped many students pass the exam before. They're not just there to teach you facts, they'll also guide you with strategies and support you throughout your studies. With their knowledge and dedication, they'll give you the tools and confidence to crack the UPSC CSE.

The Faculty of Insight Delhi's effectiveness is reflected in their impressive track record. Many former students have achieved outstanding results, including UPSC toppers like Mallika Sudhir and Gaurav Agarwal. This success is a testament to the quality of education and mentorship provided by the Faculty of Insight Delhi.


Fees Structure

Courses and Fees
Course Fee
GS Foundation Course 125625/-
GS Prelims Course 65250/-
GS Mains Course
Ethics, Aptitude and Integrity 31050/-
History Optional (Online) 58050/-
History Optional (Offline) 61500/-
History & Culture 29325/-
Art and Culture Course 11625/-
History Optional Map Classes 1975/-
GS Prelims Test Series 499/-
GS Pre-Cum-Mains 29625/-
GS Mains Test Series 15600/-
Hist. Opt. Test Series 24501/-

Study Material

  • Mock Tests: Insight Delhi offers a series of mock tests that simulate the actual UPSC exam conditions, helping students to practice and prepare effectively.
  • Updated Study Material: The institute provides regularly updated study materials that cover all the necessary topics and current affairs relevant to the UPSC exam.
  • Regular Mentorship Sessions: Students can benefit from regular sessions with mentors who guide them through their preparation journey, offering personalized advice and support.
  • Current Affairs Resources: Keeping abreast of current national and international developments is crucial for the UPSC exam, and Insight Delhi provides updated resources to help students stay informed.
  • Complementary Study Materials: The institute recommends additional resources that can supplement the core study materials, allowing students to deepen their understanding and knowledge.
  • Online Lessons and Test Series: For those who prefer digital learning, Insight Delhi offers online lessons and test series through their app, which covers various competitive exams including UPSC.

Past result

past result of insight delhi

INSIGHT DELHI has a remarkable record of alumni who have topped the prestigious UPSC Civil Services Examination, including Mallika Sudhir, Gaurav Agarwal, and Ashish Kumar. These former students are now serving the nation with dedication, reflecting the values instilled by INSIGHT DELHI's approach. Notably, over 150 districts in India are currently led by INSIGHT DELHI alumni as District Collectors, a testament to the institute's effectiveness in preparing future leaders.


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Contact Details

  • Phone: 011-45090051, 9818333201
  • Email:
  • Address: 73, Bada Bazar Market, Old Rajinder Nagar, Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi, 110060
  • Website:

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