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Founded in 1992 by IIT Delhi graduate Dinesh Kumar Goel, FIITJEE (Forum for Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination) is a well-known private coaching institute in India. It helps students prepare for engineering entrance exams like the IIT-JEE (now JEE Advanced), JEE Main, as well as other competitive exams such as NTSE, KVPY, and various Olympiads.

FIITJEE offers courses for students in grades 6 to 12 who want to take exams like JEE, NTSE, KVPY, JSTSE, INChO, and INMO. Since 1997, it has had the highest number of students selected from its classroom programs for IIT-JEE / JEE Advanced. It also consistently has the highest number of students scoring 100 in the JEE Main from its long-term classroom programs. FIITJEE is successful in other exams like NTSE, the Mathematical Olympiad, and the Science Olympiad. It has a wide reach with 67 branches in 43 cities across India, and branches in Bahrain and Qatar.


What FIIT JEE offers

FIITJEE offers various programs to help students prepare for entrance exams, mainly focusing on IIT-JEE but also including NEET and other school-level exams. Here’s a summary of what they offer:

Classroom Programs: Their main service is classroom coaching for different entrance exams, starting from Class VI. The duration varies based on the class and the exam.

Online Programs: They have live online classes that simulate the classroom experience.

Crash Courses: They provide short-term crash courses for Class XII students taking JEE Main and Advanced in the same year.

Study Material: FIITJEE gives students detailed and exclusive study materials.

Student Screening Process: They assess students to identify their strengths and weaknesses and tailor their learning accordingly.

Faculty Training: They invest in training their teachers to ensure high-quality teaching.


Courses offered by FIIT JEE

FIITJEE offers various courses for students in grades VI-XII who want to prepare for competitive exams, especially engineering entrance exams. Here’s a simple overview of their courses:

Grades VI-VIII:

  • Little Genie: A one-year program for grade VI students that builds a strong base in Math, Science, and Mental Ability.
  • Udaya: A two-year program for grade VII students and a one-year program for grade VIII students, focusing on enhancing problem-solving skills and knowledge in Math, Science, and Mental Ability.

Grades IX-X:

  • Four-year Classroom Program for JEE Main & Advanced: Starts in grade IX and prepares students for the JEE Main and Advanced exams over four years.
  • Ascent Program: Available as a two-year program (grades IX-X) or a one-year program (grade X). It helps students prepare for various competitive exams like NTSE, Olympiads, and engineering entrance exams.
  • Three-year Classroom Program for JEE Main & Advanced: Begins in grade X and prepares students for the JEE exams.

Grades XI-XII:

  • Two-year Classroom Program for JEE Main & Advanced: A detailed two-year program for thorough preparation for JEE Main and Advanced exams.
  • Two-year Condensed Classroom Program: A shorter, intensive version of the two-year program for students who need quicker preparation.
  • PINNACLE – Two Year Integrated School Program: Combines JEE Advanced coaching with regular school studies for a well-rounded education.
  • One Year Programs: Various one-year programs for grades XI and XII, including advanced courses and crash courses for JEE Main & Advanced.

Faculty of FIIT JEE

FIITJEE has a team of well-trained teachers who have studied at top institutions like IITs and NITs. They are experts in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, specifically for preparing students for JEE Main and Advanced exams.

Divya Chandwani: She is well-known for her deep understanding of math and her great teaching style. Students studying for engineering entrance exams really like her because she can make difficult math ideas easy to understand. Her classes are popular because she makes learning math effective and simple.

Rahul Sharma: He is highly experienced in physics and known for his skill in making tough physics concepts easy to grasp. He uses practical examples and problem-solving methods that are important for exams like IIT-JEE, making his teaching approach very effective.

Birendra Kumar Nayak: He is a chemistry expert who is well-regarded for his knowledge and ability to help students excel in competitive exams. He teaches by explaining concepts clearly and giving lots of practice with chemical reactions and equations, which helps students understand and succeed in their studies.

Archhnaa Sharrma: She is a biology expert known for her thorough teaching approach. She helps students understand the basics well and ensures they grasp all the details of biological sciences. This is crucial for exams like NEET and other medical entrance tests where a deep understanding of biology is necessary.


Fees Structure of FIIT JEE

Here is a structured table summarizing the fee structure for various FIITJEE programs based on the provided information:

Course Type Class/Duration Fee Range (₹)
One-Year Integrated School Program Class XI ₹1,00,000 – ₹1,50,000 per annum
Two-Year Integrated School Program Classes XI & XII ₹2,00,000 – ₹3,00,000 for two years
Regular Classroom Program After Class X (1-2 years) ₹1,50,000 – ₹3,00,000 or more
All India Test Series (AITS) Additional Program ₹5,000 – ₹10,000
Correspondence Course / Distance Learning Varies ₹20,000 – ₹50,000
Other Programs Crash Course, Weekend Programs, etc. ₹10,000 – ₹50,000

Please be aware that fees might change. For the latest and most precise information, it’s best to contact FIIT JEE directly or check their official website.


Study Material Provided by FIIT JEE

FIITJEE is a popular coaching institute in India that helps students get ready for engineering entrance exams such as JEE (Joint Entrance Examination). They offer students a complete set of study materials, which usually include:

Study Modules: FIITJEE offers organized study materials that cover everything students need to know for the JEE exams (both Main and Advanced). These materials are created by experienced teachers and are updated regularly to match the most recent exam formats and syllabus adjustments.

Practice Papers: FIITJEE provides different types of practice tests, such as tests for each chapter, tests for parts of the syllabus, complete tests covering the entire syllabus, and mock tests. These tests help students assess their grasp of each subject and enhance their exam skills.

Previous Years Papers: FIITJEE offers answers and explanations for past years JEE exam papers. These are very helpful for understanding how the exams are structured, the kinds of questions that are asked, and how challenging they can be.

Study Books: Besides the study modules, FIITJEE also creates books written by their teachers that students use to learn the essential concepts needed for JEE.

Online Resources: FIITJEE has also created websites and apps where students can find more study materials, videos of classes, tests they can take online, and sessions where they can ask questions and get help.


Past result of FIIT JEE

FIITJEE is a popular coaching institute in India that prepares students for engineering entrance exams like JEE Main and JEE Advanced. It’s known for helping many students get into top engineering colleges like the IITs. However, actual results can vary each year depending on factors like exam difficulty and how well students are prepared. For the most accurate information about FIITJEE’s past results, including how many students qualified for JEE Advanced and their performance, it’s best to check FIITJEE’s official website or their annual reports. These sources provide detailed statistics and insights into their students achievements in various exams.


Contact Details

Here are the contact details for FIIT JEE:

Phone: 011 2803 5963


Address: Plot no 47, B, opposite Bal Bhavan International School, Parmanand Colony, Pocket 8, Block B, Sector 12 Dwarka, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi, 110075



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