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Diademy IAS is a leading coaching institute in Delhi that helps aspirants prepare for the Civil Services Examination (CSE), also known as the UPSC exam. They offer both online and offline classes to cater to students' preferences. Their mission is to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this competitive exam and ultimately land a coveted Indian Administrative Services (IAS) position.

Diademy IAS emphasizes a well-rounded approach to IAS preparation. They provide expert faculty, comprehensive study materials, and practice tests to help students develop conceptual clarity, analytical thinking, and strong answer-writing skills - all crucial for success in the UPSC exam. Their courses are designed to be engaging and effective, ensuring that grasping the content feels more manageable and even enjoyable.



Why Choose Diademy IAS

  • Classroom and Online Coaching: They offer classroom coaching in Delhi and online coaching across India for both the preliminary and main stages of the IAS exam.
  • Optional Subject Expertise: They specialize in coaching for several optional subjects commonly chosen by UPSC aspirants, including Commerce & Accountancy, Management, History, and English Literature.
  • Focus on Well-Rounded Skills: Their curriculum emphasizes building a strong foundation in core knowledge, analytical thinking, and effective answer writing – all essential for success in the UPSC exam.
  • Experienced Faculty: Diademy IAS have a team of experienced faculty members who are subject-matter experts and can provide in-depth guidance to students.
  • Positive Learning Environment: Diademy aims to create a positive and conducive learning environment, making the journey towards success fulfilling and rewarding.

Courses offered by DIADEMY IAS

  • Commerce Optional for UPSC: Diademy IAS has a specialized course for Commerce & Accountancy. They cover all the essential concepts needed for the UPSC exams.
  • Management Optional: For those who want management as their optional subject, Diademy IAS provides a well-structured course. Students explore management principles and case studies.
  • History Optional for UPSC: History enthusiasts can explore this course. It covers historical events, civilizations, and critical themes relevant for the UPSC History Optional paper.
  • English Literature Optional: If you love literature, Diademy IAS offers an English Literature Optional course. They discuss literary works and critical analysis.
  • GS Mains Courses: These courses focus on General Studies (GS) Mains Papers 1 & 2. They cover Commerce and Accountancy thoroughly.
  • Prelims Courses: Diademy IAS helps you prepare for the UPSC Preliminary Examination. Whether it’s the IAS Prelims Cum Mains (PCM) Course, Economy Mastery (Prelims GS), or Static Crux Notes of NCERTs & Standard Books, they provide expert guidance.

Faculty of DIADEMY IAS

faculty of diademy ias

Diademy IAS have a distinguished faculty of subject matter experts to guide aspiring civil servants. Here's a glimpse of their team:

  • CA Rahul Kumar: Leads the faculty, specializing in Economy and Internal Security.
  • Vikash Gupta: Conducts motivational "Success Sessions" to keep students focused and inspired.
  • Kshitij Dhiman: Imparts his knowledge and expertise in Ethics, a crucial aspect of the UPSC exam.
  • Amardeep Brar: Provides in-depth guidance in Polity and History, ensuring a strong foundation for these subjects.

Fees Structure of DIADEMY IAS

DIADEMY IAS doesn't have their fee structure explicitly listed on their website, but according to a review site, their fees range from ₹50,000 to ₹190,000 based on the program you choose.

Here's a breakdown of what we can gather:

  • Overall Range: ₹50,000 to ₹190,000
  • Factors Affecting Fees: The main factor affecting the fee seems to be the optional subject you choose.

For a more detailed analysis of Fees Structure, Reaching out to DIADEMY IAS directly.

Study Material Provided by DIADEMY IAS

DIADEMY IAS offers study material for aspirants preparing for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services Examination. Their resources cater to both General Studies (GS) and optional subjects, with a focus on the Commerce and Accountancy stream.

General Studies (GS) Material

  • Static Crux Notes: This program provides downloadable PDFs summarizing important points from standard textbooks and NCERTs. The topics covered include Indian Polity, Modern History, Economy, Environment, Art & Culture, and Geography.
  • Online Live Guidance Sessions: DIADEMY IAS conducts online sessions to supplement their study material. These sessions cover topics like MCQ strategy for the prelims, answer writing techniques for the Mains exam.
  • Economic Survey & Budget Analysis: They offer a combined package of notes and online classes to help aspirants understand the intricacies of the Union Budget and Economic Survey.
  • Free Resources: DIADEMY IAS also provides a collection of free resources on their website. This includes previous years' UPSC question papers, important reference books, and NCERT textbooks.

Optional Subject Material

  • Commerce and Accountancy Optional Coaching: DIADEMY IAS offers coaching specifically designed for candidates who choose Commerce and Accountancy as their optional subject in the UPSC Mains exam. Their study material is designed by subject matter experts and includes elements like in-depth explanations, practice questions, case studies, and real-world examples.
  • Enriched Study Material: This program provides comprehensive coverage of the syllabus for the Commerce and Accountancy optional. It incorporates toppers' recommendations such as previous year question paper analysis, relevant quotes, case studies, and diagrams.

Past result of DIADEMY IAS

toppers of diademy ias

DIADEMY IAS lists success stories on their website under a "toppers" section. However, there are a few things to keep in mind about the information presented:

  • Year: The website currently showcases success stories only from 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.
  • Details: The information provided is limited to ranks (AIR) achieved, without specific details about the students.

Contact Details

  • Address: 57/11, 2nd Floor, Near Grover Mithaiwala, Bada Bazar Road, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi - 110060
  • Phone: +91 9811599537
  • Email: info@diademy.com
  • Website: www.diademy.com

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