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CUET Lions, India's top institute for helping students with their studies, under the guidance of Director Mr. Upinder Singh. They teach both CBSE and CUET subjects. The institute also provides integrated coaching covering both CBSE/ICSE/IB/State Board subjects and CUET Entrance Test preparation.

CUET Lions believes that everyone should have the chance to get a good education, so they offer scholarships to students.

Their team of teachers, led by Director Mr. Upinder Singh, is really good at what they do. They help students prepare for exams, find out about colleges, and connect with teachers. CUET Lions wants to make sure every student has the support they need to succeed.

They have a special forum where students can ask questions and get quick answers. They also offer free practice tests to help students prepare for the CUET exam.

What CUET LIONS Offers

CUET Lions offers a variety of services to help students prepare for the CUET exam in India:

  • CUET Coaching: Their core service is CUET exam preparation. They deliver a well-rounded program encompassing all aspects of the exam, including the English language test, domain-specific subjects, and the general test.
  • Board Exam Support: In addition to CUET coaching, they extend coaching to students appearing for various school board exams such as CBSE and ICSE. This proves beneficial for students aiming to improve scores in both their board exams and the CUET exam.
  • Scholarship Opportunities: They provide scholarship programs where students pay only for their regular school board coaching and receive CUET coaching for free.
  • Mentorship Program: CUET Lions assigns mentors to guide students throughout their journey. This includes selecting the right course and university, developing a study plan, and monitoring progress.
  • Online Resources: Students are equipped with a variety of online resources to facilitate effective exam preparation. These include study materials, practice tests, and doubt clearing sessions.
Courses offered by CUET LIONS

CUET Lions provides different courses to help students get ready for the CUET exam and their school board exams. Here's what they offer:

  • SCHOOL BOARDS + CUET 2 YEAR: A comprehensive two-year program that combines CBSE board preparation with focused CUET exam coaching.
  • SCHOOL BOARDS + CUET 1 YEAR: A one-year intensive program that integrates CBSE subjects and CUET exam preparation.
  • SCHOOL BOARDS + CUET CRASH: A crash course designed for rapid revision and last-minute preparation.
  • CUET 2 YEAR BATCH: A specialized two-year program solely focused on CUET exam readiness.
  • CUET 1 YEAR BATCH: A one-year batch dedicated to CUET exam preparation.
  • CUET CRASH COURSE BATCH: An accelerated course for intensive CUET revision.
  • CUET GENERAL TEST - 1 YEAR BATCH: Specifically tailored for the CUET General Test.
  • CUET GENERAL TEST - 2 YEAR BATCH: A comprehensive two-year program for mastering the CUET General Test.
  • CUET GENERAL TEST - CRASH COURSE: A condensed course to enhance CUET General Test performance.
Faculty of CUET LIONS

Mr. Upinder Singh, the Director of CUET LIONS, leads a team of experienced mentors. The institute have experienced faculty members who lead mentoring sessions and provide personalized study plans and homework tracking systems. With each student assigned a dedicated mentor, CUET LIONS ensures everyone gets individual attention, helping them progress effectively.

Their teaching methods have consistently produced excellent results across different boards, with students gaining admission to prestigious Indian colleges like SRCC, SSCBS, and IIMs.

Fees Structure of CUET LIONS

CUET LIONS provides a range of CUET preparation courses, each with its own fee structure. Here's an overview of the courses they offer:

Courses Duration Fee
SCHOOL BOARDS + CUET 2 YEAR 2 YEAR Rs. 95,999/- (all inclusive)
SCHOOL BOARDS + CUET 1 YEAR 1 YEAR Rs. 64,999/- (all inclusive)
SCHOOL BOARDS + CUET CRASH - Rs. 36,999/- (all inclusive )
CUET 2 YEAR BATCH 2 YEAR Rs. 62,999/- (all inclusive )
CUET 1 YEAR BATCH 1 YEAR Rs. 43,999/- (all inclusive)
CUET CRASH COURSE BATCH - Rs. 23,999/- (all inclusive )
CUET GENERAL TEST - 1 YEAR BATCH 1 YEAR Rs. 22,999/- (all inclusive)
CUET GENERAL TEST - 2 YEAR BATCH 2 YEAR Rs. 35,999/- (all inclusive)
CUET GENERAL TEST - CRASH COURSE - Rs. 12,999/- (all inclusive)
Study Material Provided by CUET LIONS

CUET Lions, an online coaching institute for the CUET entrance exam, offers a variety of resources to assist students in their preparation.Here's what Study Material they provide:

  • Topic-Wise Solutions: CUET Lions provides detailed explanations for different subjects like math and science. These explanations break down concepts step-by-step, making it easier for students to understand.
  • Past Year Papers with Video Solutions: Students get access to previous CUET papers along with videos explaining how to solve them. By watching these videos, students can learn different problem-solving methods and improve their skills.
  • Exclusive Notes: CUET Lions creates short and relevant notes covering important topics. These notes are designed to highlight key points and formulas, making them helpful for quick revision.
  • Topic-Wise Tests: CUET Lions offers tests focusing on specific topics. These tests help students assess their strengths and weaknesses, so they can manage their study time effectively.
  • Mock Tests and Sample Papers: Students can practice online tests and sample papers to evaluate their understanding and improve their speed and accuracy.
Past result of CUET LIONS

The CUET LIONS, known for their academic prowess, have achieved remarkable scores in various subjects. Here are some notable results:

  • Pari Gupta
  • CUET Application Number - 233510165179

    LIONS ID : 03A891

  • Tanisha Bhasin
  • CUET Application Number - 233510387154

    LIONS ID : 11A901

  • Harsh Ganguly
  • CUET Application Number - 233510765466

    LIONS ID : 05A025

  • Harshita Singhal
  • CUET Application Number - 233510238660

    LIONS ID : 03A902

  • Ekaksh Ruha
  • CUET Application Number - 233510132985

    LIONS ID : 08A710

Contact Details
  • Phone: 9811233793
  • Email:
  • Address: Corporate Office - New Delhi - 110026
  • Website:

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