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APS Judicial Academy, Founded by Shri Abhay Pratap Singh in 2018, APS Judicial Academy is dedicated to improving legal education and training in India. The academy's goal is to prepare future judges, lawyers, and legal scholars by combining classroom learning with real-world experience. It offers a variety of programs to help students gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the legal field.

Shri Abhay Pratap Singh, the founder, has had an impressive career in law. He earned an LLM from the University of Delhi with First Division and became a Junior Research Fellow (JRF). He joined the Haryana Judicial Services in 2012 and served as a Civil Judge and Judicial Magistrate, excelling in his roles. In 2016, he started teaching at the Campus Law Center, University of Delhi, as an Assistant Professor. His wide-ranging experience includes working with many respected legal and academic institutions.

APS Judicial Academy offers various programs for judicial exam preparation, legal research, and professional development. It also provides special training for police, executive, and prosecution officers. By partnering with institutions like the National Legal Service Authority and several universities, the academy ensures students receive practical and comprehensive legal education.


What APS Judicial Academy offers

The APS Judicial Academy offers a variety of programs aimed at equipping students and staff with the knowledge and skills needed to practice law:

  • Judicial Service Examination Training: Intensive preparatory courses for judicial candidates to help them succeed in judicial examinations.
  • Legal Research and Writing Workshop: Training to enhance research skills and improve legal writing skills.
  • Professional development courses: Continuing education for practicing lawyers and judicial officers to stay up to date with the latest legal trends and practices.
  • Specialized Training Activities: Seminars designed for police officers, executives and prosecutors on various legal topics and practical applications.

Courses Provided by APS Judicial Academy

APS Judicial Academy offers the following courses for aspiring law students:

Foundation Course

  • Study Duration: The APS Judicial Academy offers an intensive 18-month legal curriculum aimed at developing the in-depth knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in law.
  • Other recording lessons: Upon completion of the course, students receive an additional 12 months of prescribed learning, allowing them to revisit and reinforce their learning at their convenience.
  • Unlimited Talk Watch:Students benefit from unlimited class lectures, ensuring they can review and learn at their own pace.
  • Focus on writing answers: The academy emphasizes sharpening students’ post-writing skills through dedicated courses, better preparing them for practical applications in the examination and legal professions.
  • Special Test series: Participate in customized tests designed to provide better preparation for judicial and other legal tests, providing valuable practice and feedback.
  • Law Course Short: Participate in specialized courses on minor legal topics to gain thorough knowledge of various aspects of the legal profession.

Crash Course

  • Tailored Test Series: Our pattern-based totally take a look at collection is crafted to reflect previous year examination patterns, making sure students are nicely-prepared and confident on examination day.
  • Effective Answer Writing Sessions: Students gain from dedicated training focused on honing their solution writing skills. These classes are designed to enhance clarity, structure, and conciseness in their responses.
  • Personalized Guidance:We offer personalised guidance to each pupil, fostering a holistic studying experience that addresses character strengths and areas for development.

Faculty of APS Judicial Academy

All our mentors and teachers are highly experienced, motivated, and goal-oriented. Join us for a transformative learning experience that goes beyond the ordinary.


Fee Structure of APS Judicial Academy

Here is an overview of the fee structure for courses offered by APS Judicial Academy:

Courses Duration Fee
Preliminary Exam Course 6 Months Rs 60,000
Mains Exam Course 6 Months Rs 80,000
(Prelims + Mains) Course 1 Year Rs 1,20,000

Fees can change, so it's best to contact APS Judicial Academy directly or check their official website for the latest information.


Study Material Provided by APS Judicial Academy

APS Judicial Academy offers a variety of study materials to support students in their legal education:

  • Course Books and Manuals:
  • Textbooks covering important legal topics.

    Manuals with key concepts and practical insights.

  • Lecture Notes and Presentations:
  • Detailed notes from class lectures.

    Interactive presentations to explain complex legal ideas.

  • Case Studies and Legal Research Tools:
  • Analysis of important legal cases.

    Access to online databases for legal research.

  • Practice Exercises and Mock Tests:
  • Exercises to reinforce learning.

    Mock tests to prepare for exams.

  • Supplementary Reading Materials:
  • Additional readings on specific legal topics.

    Updates on recent legal developments.


Past Result of APS Judicial Academy

APS Judicial Academy has achieved notable success with two first rankers, ten students in the top 10 ranks across judicial services exams, over 44 selections in Haryana Judiciary, more than 20 in Delhi Judiciary, and nineteen successful candidates in UP Judiciary. These accomplishments highlight the academy's dedication to preparing students effectively for competitive legal careers.


Contact Details

  • Location: Gate no 3, Metro Station, 90, Mall Rd, near GTB Nagar, GTB Nagar, Delhi, 110009
  • Phone Numbers: 8803288032
  • Email: apsjudicialacademy@gmail.com
  • For more information, you can visit their official website: www.apslaw.in

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